Switching from Production to Development Environment in Frappe Framework: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hello guys, Welcome to CodeNet. Let’s follow the below steps to switch from production to development in frappe framework. Are you looking for converting development to production check here.

Transitioning from a production environment to a development environment is a common process in software development. In the context of the Frappe Framework, which powers ERPNext applications, this switch enables developers to work on new features or debug issues without impacting the live production system. This guide outlines the step-by-step process of stopping a production setup and starting a development setup in the Frappe Framework, ensuring a smooth transition.


If you want to do manually, follow the below steps

cd frappe-bench
bench disable-production


If you want to do manually, follow the below steps

cd frappe-bench
bench switch-to-develop (Optional : Will change your branches to the "develop" branch)
rm config/supervisor.conf
rm config/nginx.conf

Remove ‘restart_supervisor_on_update’ from sites/common_site_config.json if it exists

sudo service nginx stop
sudo service supervisor stop
bench setup procfile
bench start

To serve a specific site in multi-site environment, set it as default site

bench use <site_name>
bench start

If you have any doubts, comment below. Thanks for reading.

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